iPhone Tip: View Photos in Windows

With the popularity of the iPhone and social networking such as facebook and myspace, sharing photos is a means of communicating. Whether it be the birth of a new baby, where you spent new years, a friend singing karaoke, or what you ate for breakfast, we all like to view the photos of friends (and enemies).

There are several apps you can download from the iTunes store that let you directly upload the photos to your account, but what about backing up the photos? What about the videos? Using Windows, it is easy to retrieve and backup your photos. No apple OS needed.

  1. Connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable provided
  2. Go to Start
  3. Go to Control Panel
  4. Open Scanners and Cameras
  5. You should see your phone listed below, open it.
  6. The scanner and camera wizard will auto connect to the phone. Click Next.
  7. Highlight the photos you want to save and click next.
  8. Fill in the destination inputs. I kept mine default. You also have the ability to remove the photo from your phone after saving. (Good to know).
  9. Next step will ask if you want to publish to a website, order print, or do nothing. If you are simply backing up the photos, doing nothing is fine.
  10. Click Finish and viola!
Now you have your iPhone photos and/or videos saved to your computer. Happy photographing!

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