Computer Support

Our computer technicians will work on-site or off-site on your computer systems (PC or MAC). We offer on-site repair or upgrade of your system. No need to dismantle your system and take it off- site. Our technicians are hardware experts skilled in the diagnosis and resolution of hardware problems. Hard drive crashes, computer viruses, and BIOS failures are only a few of the problems that can hamper your system's performance. Our technicians are professionals at isolating and remedying any problems that your computer may encounter.

We offer you both computer hardware and software services. We sell computers from the complete system to a very small hardware part. Also, we do on-site Repair and Upgrades in Dallas Fort Worth area.

On Site! On time! On budget!!!
  • On-site Computer Repair and Upgrades in DFW area
  • Upgrade mother boards, RAM, hard drives, modems, video cards and other peripherals
  • Will install CD ROM's, sound cards, or any hardware you want or need
  • Can install modems and put you online
  • Will install your software for you
  • Will build a computer for you anyway you want it
  • Some new and used computers in stock
  • Setup DVR system for remote access over the internet




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Instant Support

Contact Us for instant support online. We can handle most issues through this support session or we will make a service call.