Project Consulting

Our project management services focus on bringing your project in on time, within budget and with your expectations fully met. We use industry-standard products, tools and techniques for estimation, scheduling and critical path analysis, risk assessment and mitigation, budget control and testing. The heart of our project management approach is our close cooperation with our customers. Our project manager can frequently be found on site and is always approachable to our customers. We keep you informed of project status, give you a good analysis of the impact of key decisions and help you plan future steps. You can stay in control, manage your risks and costs, and make effective decisions without having to become a technology specialist.

Workflow Re-Engineering / Imaging

In many cases, the implementation of workflow and imaging solutions allows organizations to enhance the efficiency of their legacy systems through business process redesign. Workflow demands organizational restructuring because it focuses on the movement of work. Through workflow analysis, vague roles and imprecise tasks are clarified, and more efficient methods of completing work are identified and implemented. We specialize in bridging legacy systems and sophisticated workflow and imaging capabilities without impacting the sensitive legacy environment. Our workflow solutions can help you:

  • improve efficiency by eliminating redundant paper handling
  • capture key transaction elements at the point of entry to the organization avoiding double-entry
  • balance and prioritize workloads between staff
  • ensure that transactions are processed on a timely basis
  • provide a direct link from the transaction record in the legacy system to the original document image
  • provide accurate and detailed statistical and management reporting of activity

Technology Transfer Services

Development of your staff's Project Management and Application Development skills through on-the-job training with an actual project. Deliverables may include one or more of the following: Training materials, Project Management documentation, and Project deliverables. Key benefits are improving the skills of your staff by "learning while doing", learning from our experience and mistakes, and flattening the learning curve.




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Instant Support

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